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About Recruitment Web

Who will put my job online?

The choice is yours!

You can post your own job online with an online order

You can post your own job online in your account


Let’s lend a Hand  - We can do it for you. There is a surcharge for this option. Contact our friendly recruitment team for more information admin@truetalent.co.za 

What will my job look like?

You are in Control! It’s up to you, as you can choose between a standard template or a personalised template. You can decide the length of the job description for yourself. We Won’t bound you to the length of the text, here You have complete freedom.

How long will my job stay online?

Your job will normally be online for 5 days, Where after you can repost it or you can opt for the Paid option of 30 Days. You can take your job offline whenever you wish, whether you posted it with an online order or from your account.

If you have an account, you can retrieve jobs after they have been taken offline,  re-post your job online and so on.

Recruitment Web? 

What’s in it for me? 

Our aim is to supply a unique recruitment offering to give your company the competitive edge in sourcing suitable candidates on an affordable, cost effective platform, and this way assisting our candidates/jog seekers in finding suitable employment. 

Clear search criteria offering both quick search and advanced search.

CV Alert delivers interesting CVs directly to your mailbox

CV Manager helps you save and manage CVs for future reference

Giving Candidates an opportunity to apply directly for positions that meet expertise.

Getting Seen First By Top Recruiters/ Companies.

Building Your Brand?

Recruitment Web help build the brands of  Corporate Companies, Recruitment Agents (Yes you the Small Guys!)  and New “ Up and Coming Companies” busy Growing their Name, by  giving them the option to add their Company logo to all your job posts! You Can optimise on this with the use of our Banner advertising to Create Band Awareness.

Your Brand and the visibility of it is wat identifies you as an industry leader! And what will make Jobe seekers want to work for you! 

What are you Telling the World that’s making you Stand out form the rest?